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Virraaj, a word in the Sanskrit language, indicates sovereignty, excellence or splendour. Virraaj is the mythical primeval being associated with creation who is often personified as the secondary creator.

Virraaj vibrant menu proudly adopts the local produce of Maryland, ensuring maximum freshness and seasonality. Brick walls pulse with the energy of black and gold murals. Pattern elements represent fragments of memories, a dream sequence, of a woman traveling around India.

We deliver food that’s authentic and exquisite. Preserving the nutrients and taste of best of our traditional culinary delights.



Mr. Vikas Kakkar and Mr. Raj Manroy, Owners

We grew up with stories of old world charm set against the backdrop of beautiful Indian cities. In early 2000s, we moved to the States, with a zeal to leave our impact on the world. Never thought that our struggle could give birth to something as beautiful as Virraaj. We always drew inspiration from the things that were closest to our hearts. From treasured anecdotes about the aromas of biryani to memories of our families devouring flavourful Indian dishes, even in the States, we could never forget those precious moments, not that we ever wanted to. During our lunches and dinners, we realised that a lot of our friends were open to try Indian dishes but there was a lack of awareness. So we thought why not share our love of nutritious and wholesome food with rest of the world. After being friends for almost 2 decades, we agreed on opening a fine dine restaurant at one of the finest locations, Bethesda, to give people an opportunity to dive into the authentic taste of Indian cuisine. And hence, our brainchild, Virraaj was born.